How to Add Multiple Table of Contents in a Word Document

Aug 19, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

Imagine you have a large document with a lot of chapters and each chapter have some sections, in this case, you may want to have one table of contents at the beginning of each chapter and also one table of contents at the beginning of the book or your document with only one level.

Here we are going to explain this subject with one example.

How to Insert Field Codes For Each Chapter;

For creating a table of contents in each chapter you should follow these steps;

1- Click at the beginning of the line which the first section of the first chapter is placed on it.

2- Click on the Insert tab.

3- In the Text section click on the Quick Parts.

word insert tab text section

4- Click on the Field part.

5- In the Field dialogue Choose TC from the left windows.

  • For finding it easier you can choose “Index and Tables” category from the categories list.

6- Write the name of heading or subsection, which you have placed your cursor before it in your document, in the text entry section.

tc field dialoge text entry word

7- In the Field Options select the “TC entry in a doc with multiple tables”.

By this command, you will add f switch in your code.

tc entry in doc with multiple tables

8- Select the Outline level box.

  • Write Number one in the box near the outline level.

9- Click Ok.

outline levels field options field dialoge word

Here you can see the field code beside the first heading of chapter one.

10- Beside the f switch you should add the character which you want to identify this chapter by that, here we chose the letter “x” for that.


11- Copy the code and paste it before the next heading of chapter one.

  • you should change the text inside the quotation mark and write the name of the second section of the first chapter.

  • Continue this action to finish all sections in chapter one.

first chapter field codes multiple toc word

12- In chapter two you should change the character after f switch in the codes and specify another character for the new chapter. you should pay attention these characters must not be the same and each chapter must have a unique character.

  • write the name of the first section of the second chapter inside the quotation mark.

  • copy this formula and paste it before each section in chapter two and write the name of that section inside the quotation mark.

  • For all chapters repeat these steps.

word field codes second chapter

How to Create Table of Contents in Each Chapter;

-After you finished that you should create the table of contents for each chapter.

1- Go to the first chapter and click on the place which you want to add your table of contents.

2- Click on the References tab.

3-Click on the Table of contents and select Custom table of contents.

custom table contents references tab word

4- Click on the Options…

5- Unselect Styles and Outline levels.

6- Select Table entry fields box.

7- Click on Ok.

table of contents option dialoge

8- Click ok and then click on Yes.

toc dialoge

9- Click on the text which appears and then hold Alt key then press F9.

10- After f switch put space and the letter x which you specified that for this chapter in the formula before.

11- Right-click on it and then Updates Field.

12- Hold Alt and then press F9.

you can see the table of contents has appeared for this chapter.

toc fieldcodes

13- Repeat these steps for other chapters.

toc fieldcodes second chapter

other levels toc word

How to Create Table of Contents For the Document;

Now you should create the table of contents for the book on the first page.

1- place the cursor on the first page or at the position which you want to place your table of contents.

2- Click on the References tab.

3- Click on the table of contents.

4- Click on the custom table of contents.

5- In the general section choose number one for show levels.

6- Press Ok.

You can see the table of contents with one level on the first page of your document.

toc word

word table of content