How to Find Errors in Field Codes

Sep 8, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

If you inserted field codes in your document, in order to find errors in it you can find them easily by following these steps;

1- Click on the Mailings tab.

2- In the “Preview Result Part” Click on the “Check for Errors”

mailings tab check for errors word

3- In the “Checking and Reporting Errors” you have three options;

Click on the Simulate the merge and report errors in a new document.

4- Click Ok.

checking and reporting errors dialoge word

5- In the Invalid Merge Field dialogue, the program shows the errors.

  • You can remove that field.

  • You can also in the “Fields in data source” find the correct field.

6- Click Ok.

invalid merge field dialoge

no mail merge errors have been found in greetingline dialoge word

7- If you solved all errors in your file, after “Simulate the Merge and report errors in a new document” is chosen.

you can see “No mail merge errors have been found” message.

  • Press Ok.

no mail merge errors word

word mail merge