How to Save a Picture as a PDF

Mar 14, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

If you have a picture and you want to change it to pdf I can recommend one of these two methods.

How to convert a photo to Pdf

you can open your picture with chrome browser and print it as a pdf.


1- Right-click on your jpeg file.


2- In the general tab, you can see the format of your file.

3- Click on the security tab.


4- You can copy the address of your file in your computer.

5- Copy the address in chrome browser address bar.

address chrome

open picture

6- Print your file.

print picture

7- Choose “Save as PDF” and click on save key.

save as pdf

8- save your file.

save as pdf file

9- You can right-click on your new file and click on properties.

pdf file in folder

right click pdf file

10- you can see, the format of your file has changed to pdf.

pdf file properties

For converting multiple pictures to one pdf file you can follow these methods:

How to convert pictures to pdf with Microsoft word;

1- Open Microsoft Word document.

open microsoft word

2- Click on insert tab and then click on Picture.

insert tab

3- Select the pictures which you want to convert them to the pdf file.

insert picture to word

picture in word

4- Save your file as pdf.

save as your file as pdf

change the name

5- You can open your file as pdf now.

open pic in adobe

How to Convert Pictures to Pdf with Adobe Acrobat;

1- Open your Adobe-Acrobat program.

Open adobe acrobat

2- Select on combine files into pdf.

combine menu

combine file

3- Add your desired pictures.

add files

select your desired file

4- Click on “combine Files” to combine all pictures into pdf.

combine all files

jpeg to pdf

picture convert pdf