How to Add a Signature to a PDF

Mar 13, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

Before we start to explain how to digitally sign a pdf I should explain why do you need a digital signature for your documents. Some times you need to certify that the information on a document which you sent to other people has not been edited after you signed it. Digital signature has the power to lock the document if the creator set it up correctly.

At first, I am going to teach you how to sign a pdf and then we will see how to certify your document.

How to electronically sign a pdf with adobe;

1- Click on View and then Fill Sign.

fill sign dialoge

2- Click on Add Text; here you can write everything you want behind your signature as date or name and …

You can change the font and size and other properties of your text here.

add text

modify your text

modify size

3- Click on “Place Signature”.

change clear signature

If you create a signature before you can click on “Change saved signature” or you can clear saved signature and create a new one.

place signature

4- Here you have different choices for creating your signature.

You can type your signature and if you need you can change the style of your signature.

type your signature

5- You can take a photo of your signature and you can use that in your file if you want.

take photo signature

6- Here you can draw your signature.

draw your signature

draw signature

7- If you have a picture of your signature on your computer you can use this option.

select image

8- This part is very important, by certifying your file, you won’t allow other people to change it after you certified it.

certificate pdf

9- we used “type my signature” option to sign our file.

type signature

10- you can change the size of your signature by dragging the edge of the windows.

place your signature

Now I am going to teach you how to certify your pdf file, it is very important because after that nobody can change your pdf file.

How to certify your pdf file

1- Open your Pdf file.

open your pdf

2- Click on the edit tab and click on preferences.


3- Click on Signature, Click on Identities & Trusted certificates part and select More…


4- Click on Digital IDs and Add ID.

add id

5- Select " A new digital ID I want to create now" and click on “Next”.

create new digital id

6- Click on “New PKCS#12 digital Id File” and click on “Next”.

new digital id file

7- Add your information in add digital id page.

add digital id

8- Create a password for your digital signature and click on finish.

create password

9- In the right side select Fill&Sign tab and in the “Work with certificates” part click on “Sign with a certificate”.

sign with certificate

add signature

10- Draw the windows in your file, in this windows your signature will be drawn. when you click on that window you can choose your signature and draw it in your windows.

sign document dialouge

11- Enter the password of your signature, and it is very important to tick “Lock Document After singing” because when you click on that box nobody can change your file after you sign the file and then click on sign and program will ask you, do you want to change the name of your file, you can save as your file.

save your file

certified pdf

pdf signature