How to encrypt a pdf

Mar 12, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

There are different methods for creating a password for pdf,

If you have an Adobe-acrobat on your computer you can follow these steps;

How to password protect pdf with adobe

1- Click on View > Tools > Protection

protection dialoge

2- Click on Protection > Encrypt > Encrypted with password.

encrypt with password

3- Click on Ok to allow program change the security of this file.

allow password protect

4- If you want to create a password for opening the pdf, click on “require a password to open the document” box.

password security dialoge

5- in document open password part, you can write your desired password.

password open

6- If you want to restrict editing and printing of the document, you can tick “Restrict editing and printing of the document …”

permission password

7- In “Printing Allowed” tab, you can restrict printing the document and in “Changes Allowed” tab you can restrict changing the program.

printing permission

change document permissions

8- in “Change permissions Password” tab you can describe permissions password.

change permission password

9- In option part click on “Compatibility” tab here you can describe with which version adobe acrobat your pdf will be open, for instance, if you want to open your pdf in acrobat 9 you should choose “Acrobat 7.0 and later”


10- Click on ok.

confirm password

11- Adobe acrobat ask you to confirm your open password.

confirm open password

12- Confirm your permission password.

confirm permission password

13- These passwords will be applied to your pdf files when you save your file. it is better to “save as” your file and change the name of your new pdf because if you forgot your password you would not lose your file.

acrobat security dialoge

save as dialoge

save your program

How to password protect pdf with Microsoft word

1- Open your pdf file with Microsoft word, if you have Microsoft word 2013 or later, you can easily open your pdf file with Microsoft word program.

open your file

2- Click on “File” tab and after that click on “Save as” key.

save as your file

3- Choose your desired name.

choose your desired name

4- Choose “Pdf” in save as type.

choose pdf type

5- Click on the “Option” key.

choose option

6- Tick “Encrypt the document with password box”.

choose encrypt box

7- Enter your desired password.

create password

8- Click on save key.

save your file

9- you should enter your password to open your file again.

enter password

pdf protect