How to Copy User Defined Attributes into New Model in Tekla

Dec 7, 2021 ยท 2 minute read

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When you are working in a new model sometimes you need transfer project propertise data from other project to the new project, it can save your time.

If you have Tekla 2016 or upper version you can follow these steps to get your goal.

At first you need to save attributes of your model before start to explain this subject, for that we should follow thse steps;

How to Add Save Attributes Command on the Ribbon in Tekla

1- Open File Menu.

2- Click on Setting.

3- Click on Ribbons.

$- Select Primary modelling in the select ribbonpart.

5- Hover over the ribbon and find your desired place to add this command.

6- In the search part write “Save defaults”.

7- Find “save defaults” command in TEkla Structure column and drag and drop it to your desired position in the ribbon.

8- Save it.

9- Exit Ribbon Editor.

10- Click on Yes to reload ribbon..

Now you have “Save attributes” command in your ribbon , you can follow these steps to add any command which you want on the Tekla ribbon.

How to Copy User defined Attributes in the New Model from Other Model

Sometimes you specify a lot of information in your project and you want to transfer them into new model, this trick help you to save your time and do that more easier and faster.

Here we are going to explain two methods for copy UDAs from one model into other model.

How to Export UDAs to New Model.

The UDAs data are saved in Standard.prf and Standard.prf.more file and if you copy them in the firm folder of Tekla program, all of these data will be transfer to each new model which you will create in the Tekla program.

By this method you can specify your desired UDAs for each new model that creates by you but you can not change the user define attribiutes of the models which you had in your computer.

For that you should follow these steps;


tekla import uda