How to Enable View Type in View Properties in Tekla

Dec 6, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

In the previous versions of Tekla program, there were two options for the background colour of the screen, one was the rendering option and the other was the wireframe option, but in the new Tekla version, the selection of the wireframe option has been disabled and this possibility has been removed in View properties dialogue.

But many users still prefer the wireframe background for their model, especially this option is useful for users when the model becomes very heavy because it prevents crashing system and to some extent help the system to work easier and with higher efficiency.

For those who like to activate this option in their Tekla 2020. I suggest this method.

How to Enable Wire Frame View in Tekla;

1- Double-click on the screen.

As you see in the View properties dialoge, you can not see “View type” option for choosing “Wire-frame” and “Rendered” view.

2- Click on the File.

3- Click on the “Open model folder”.

4- In your model folder, right-click on the Options.

5- Click on the Edit.

edit options tekla

6- Add this command in the notepad “XS_ENABLE_WIRE_FRAME=TRUE”.

7- Save your file.

edit wireframe tekla

8- Open your file again.

9- Double-click on the screen.

10- In the “View Properties” dialoge box, you can see View type option in this dialoge box.

11- Now you can see two options for “View type”, you can choose your desired type here.

12- Click on the Modify.

view type option tekla

13- Exit from Tekla structure program and reload your model.

tekla view