How to Take Screenshots in Tekla Structure

Dec 6, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

After your model was created, you may need to publish your model or present its drawings in posters or share its pictures in a virtual network, for that you can use from screenshot capability which Tekla structure has and take your desired pictures or photos from your model or drawings of your model to present it.

Here we are going to explain how to take a screenshot from your model and drawings of your model and also learn how to save screenshots as bitmap format and finally take a look at some settings which you can use from them when you want to create screenshots.

How to Hide Work Area Box in Tekla Structure;

Before taking a screenshot from your model you may need to hide the work area box from around your model to have pictures with better quality and appearance from your model, Here we are going to explain how to permanently and temporarily hide this box from around your model.


If you want to activate or deactivate this box in your model you should follow these steps;

1- Click on File.

2- Click on Setting.

3- Click on the Advanced option.

advanced option tekla

4- Select Model View.

5- In the right window find “XS-HIDE-WORKAREA”.

  • IF you change its value to “FALSE”, you can see work area box around your model anymore.

  • If you change its value to “TRUE”, you can not see work area box around your model.

hide work area box tekla

hided work area box tekla


1- Hold down “Ctrl” and “Shift” key simultaneously and

2- Right-click on the window and select the Redraw view.


Click on the View tab and select Redraw.

redraw view tekla

hided work area box tekla

How to Take a Screenshot of a Model in Tekla Structure

For taking screenshots from your model you should follow these steps;

1- Open your model and adjust the model view according to your needs.

2- Click on the View tab.

3- Select screenshot and again click on screenshot command.

screenshot command tekla

4- If you have more than one view open in your program, you can choose your desired view by clicking on “Pick view” and then choose your desired view.

screenshot dialoge tekla

5- In the Model part you can only select “Render View”, for adjusting the picture quality, click on Options;

Here you can specify your desired width and height and quality of your pictures.

The units of your numbers for Width and Height size are according to the units which you defined for your model in the File menu > Settings > Options > Units and decimals part.

For more information, you can follow how to change units and decimals in tekla page.

width height quality screenshot tekla

6- Place on the clipboard;

When you create a screenshot for your model in the Tekla structure program, this picture will be created as “png” format.

If you want to have a picture with the higher quality you can create that picture in a Bitmap or “>bmp” format.

For that, you can select this option, and after you capture the screenshot, your picture will be added in the clipboard and you can paste that picture in your desired picture editor and save it with Bitmap format.

place clipboard screenshot tekla

7- Print to file;

If you choose this option, you can specify the location of the screenshots which you want to save them.

For that Click on Browse key and specify your desired location for your screenshots.

screenshot place computer tekla

8- “Show with the associated viewer”;

If you choose this box, after you captured a screenshot, you could see your screenshot in a viewer.

9- Click on Capture to take the screenshot from your model.

capture screenshot tekla

How to Take a Screenshot of a Drawing in Tekla Structure

If you have a drawing and you need to use it as a poster or show that picture in your website, you may need to create a screenshot from that.

For creating screenshot from your drawing you should follow these steps;

1- Adjust your drawing to have a good view from your drawing to satisfy your purpose, for instance, you can zoom to the specific part of your drawing or add or remove dimension and …

2- Click on the “View” tab.

3- Click on Screenshot.

screenshot drawing tekla

4- Choose your desired View:

  • If you choose “View”, you can have windows border in your picture.

  • If you select “View without Border”, you can only see the view content in the screenshot.

screenshot dialogue view drawing tekla

5- In the “Print to File” part you can specify your screenshots were saved in which location in your computer.

screenshot print to file drawing tekla

6- If you select “Show with associated viewer” box, your screenshot will be shown after you capture it.

7- Click on “Capture” to create your screenshot.

screenshot dialogue show with associated viewer drawing tekla

capture screenshot drawing tekla

tekla screenshot