How to Use Dura Fuse Frames

Dec 17, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

Before we start to explain how to model Durafuse connection in your model, it is better to introduce this connection and say some advantages of this kind of connection in steel frame constructions.

As you know most special moment frames are designed to have beam damage during the severe earthquakes, I mean, engineers prefer the earthquake is endured in the connection of the beams and columns and when the building during the earthquake sway back and forth by accommodating yielding and large deformation if the connection between beams and columns are stronger than beams during the earthquake the beams will yield and they will be damaged.

This approach can prevent the collapse of the building but beams get sacrificed in the process, but problem is that when you design the building to sacrifice beams during the earthquake to protect the building during the earthquake, after the earthquake when you want to repair the building and replace the demolished beam with new beams this process can be very difficult and many of the building which did not collapse during the earthquake should be demolished because we can not repair the demolished parts.

DuraFuse Frame company invent this kind of connection to solve this problem. Durafuse gives you this opportunity to connect beams to the columns via plates and bars including unique fuse plates which will be assembled at the bottom of the beam and because fuse plate has some cut out in it, this plate is weaker than the top plate and during the earthquake, the top plate does not damage only bottom plates will be damaged and after an earthquake, you should only replace the Fuse easily and the beams will be repaired.

 dura fuse connection plate

The most significant difference between Durafuse connections and other special moment connection is that Durafuse connection are repairable and columns and beams do not be damaged during the earthquake and you should only change the fuse plate and these connections have better fragility curves, lower connection repaired cost (more than 50% cheaper) and much lower structural losses.

The other benefits of using this connection are:

  • Expanded beam choices.

  • Less Lateral bracing.

  • Lower frame weights.

  • Simple fabrication.

How to Use Durafuse Frames on Your Project;

You can contact DuraFuse Frames they will perform frame optimization and connection design and have the license fee included in steel bid, review shop drawings and make shop and field visits as needed.

contact dura fuse frame

How to Download and Instal Durafuse Component in Tekla

For downloading this component you can follow one of these methods;

1- Go to the Durafuse frame web site and contact them and ask them to send the component file for you.

2- You can download this component from Durafuse frame web page by following these steps;

  • Register in the Durafuse frame web page.

 register dura fuse

 download dura fuse connection

3- You can download the component from Tekla site by following these steps;

 download dura fuse connection tekla


  • After you downloaded the component you would receive the zipped folder, after you unzipped the folder you would find the file, by clicking on it you can install that component on your program.

  • Restart the Tekla program.

  • Now you can use from this component in your program.

 instal dura fuse connection tekla

How to Use Durafuse Connection in Tekla

1- On the right side of the screen, click on the “Component” command.

component tekla

2- In the search component bar write “Durafuse”.

3- Click on the Durafuse component.

4- Click on the Column.

5- Select the beames which you want to connect them to that column by this component.

6- Click on the middle key of the mouse.

dura fuse connection tekla

As you see the fuse plate has a different colour in the model.

plate dura fuse connection tekla

By double-clicking on the component you can change the properties of your connection.

tekla dura fuse