How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

Mar 15, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

How to Convert Html to Pdf with Adobe-Acrobat;

1- Save your desired web pages.

save your desired page

2- Go to the folder which the web sites was saved and in search menu type “Html” word.

save your html

html search

3- Open Adobe-Acrobat program.

open adobe acrobat

4- Select combine files into singel PDF.

combine files into single pdf

5- Add your desired web paged.

add your desired file

add files

select your desired file

6- Click on combine files.

combine files

7- you can see your desired web pages in pdf format.

html convert to pdf

How to Convert Html to Pdf with a web browser;

1- Go to your desired web page.

open your page

2- Print your pages.

print your page

3- Choose “save as pdf” and click on save key.

save as pdf

4- Choose your desired name and save your file.

save your desired name

5- You can open your file and you can see your desired web page as a pdf.

open your pdf file

html to pdf

pdf webpage convert