How to Open Tekla Structure Model

Oct 19, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For Opening a model in Tekla structure program, you can easily follow these steps;

1- Run Tekla structure program.

run tekla structure

2- Choose your desired environment and role.

3- In this dialogue, you have three tabs for opening the file.


In this tab, you can find models which you have worked on them recently, for deleting files from this tab you can follow how to delete recently files page.

recent tab open tekla structure

All models

If your file is not in the recent tab, you can find your file in the All model part, for that, you can

1- Click on the All models tab.

2- Click on the Browse part.

3- Find your file on your computer.

4- Open your file.

all models open tekla structure

Share models

You can simultaneously work on the model with other users, for instance, one group can work on the project in the Newyork and at the same time another group work on the other phase of that project in Shiraz,

For opening the shared model you should click on the “Shared Model” tab.

For using from this option you should have some prerequisites;

1- Internet connection.

2- Trimble identity;

You should go to the Tekla online service and Log in.

3- All the people who use from one Tekla shared model should have the same Tekla structure version.

For more information, you can follow what is tekla model sharing page.

share models tekla structure

You can also create a picture near your file name for that you can follow project thumbnail page.

tekla open