How to Create a New Model in Tekla Structure

Oct 19, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For creating new model in tekla structure there are two methods;

How to Create a New Model in Tekla Structure;

First Method

1- Run Tekla Structure program.

2- Choose your desired Environment and Role for your model.

run tekla structure

3- In this dialoge Click on the New tab.


4- In the Name part choose your desired name for your model.


  • Try to choose pemanent name for your model.

You can change the name of your model in future but every time that you want to renmae your model name, the name of a lot of items in your project folder will be changed.

  • Do not use / \ ; : | characters in your model name.

new model name tekla structure

Place in

5- Place in

  • In this part you can determine in which location you want to place your model in your computer, by default your model will be placed in the “TeklaStructureModel” folder which was created when you installed the program in your computer.

new model place in tekla structure


6- Define in which mode you want to work with your model.

  • Single-user;

In this mode only one person can work on your project.


In this mode different user at the same time can work on your project.

In this option you sholud enter the name of server too.

new model user mode tekla structure

Trimble Connect Collaboration

7- By selecting “Start Trimble Connect Collaboration” box you can link your model to trimble connect project.

For more information you can follow how to link tekla structures model to a trimble connect project page.

trimple connect collaboration tekla structure


8- In this part you can use your desired template by selecting them for more information you can follow how to create model template in tekla page.

template new model tekla structure

9- Click on the Create.

create new model tekla structure

Second Method

If you are working in the tekla structure and want to create a new model you can do that from inside the program too.

For that;

1- Click on the Menu key.

2- Click on the New.

3- Choose your desired setting for new model for that follow steps 4 to nine which we explained them in the First method part.

create new model in tekla structure

tekla new model