How to Launch Tekla Structure Model

Oct 11, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For launching a new model in Tekla structure model, you should follow these steps;

How to Launch New Model in Tekla Structure

1- Run the program.

When you are launching tekla structure program you will face with a dialoge box, on this dialoge box the program asks you three questions;

2- Choose your Environmet;

  • The first question is about the environment of your project.

Environmet is about specific settings which are used in the region which you are going to construct you structure.

Each environment shows that which kind of profile, materials grades, default values, drawing settings, component settings, reports and templates are available and used for that region.

3- Choose the Role;

  • The second question is about the role of user who are going to work with your model.

In this part you can limit the availability of the files of your model for different user with different responsibility, it means that you can limit the access of poeple from specific part and setting of your model according to their role in the project.

It helps them to have access with information which they need and they use model more easier.

Depend on the environment which you select, you may face with these roles;

  • Concrete Contractor

  • Engineer

  • General Contractor

  • Precast Concrete Detailer

  • Production Planner - Concrete

  • Rebar Detailer

  • Steel Detailer

4- Choose Configuration.

The thirth question is about configuration.

Configuration consist of a set of features that the user is entitled to based on the license agreement, each configuration is meant for specific user group, to suit the various players in the construction industry.

If your organization has licenses for different configurations, you can select between them when you start tekla structure.

5- Press Ok.

tekla structure launching dialoge box

In this Window you have some new tabs;

  • In the Recent tab, you can see the models which are recently used.

tekla structure launching dialoge box

  • In all models, you can see all models which exist in your computer.

tekla structure all models

  • In the Shared models tab, you can see the the model which has been shared by using Tekla Model Sharing.

tekla structure shared models

  • On the New tab, you can create a new model.

6- For creating new model, click on the New tab.

  • Choose your desired name for your new file.

  • Choose the location of your file and other properties which you want for your file.

7- Click on the Create.

create new model tekla structure

tekla create model