How to Create a Form in Excel

Jul 27, 2020 ยท 4 minute read

For creating a form you should follow these steps;

How to Make a Form in Excel;

  • Before starting to create a form it is better to put your data set into the table, for that you should follow these steps;

How to Create a Table;

1- Click on the Insert tab.

2- Click on the Table.

3- Specify your desired range for the table.

4- Click Ok.

create table

How to Add Form Button on the Ribbon.

1- On the up left side of the screen click on the arrow.

2- Click on the More Commands…

3- In the Excel Options menu, on the left window click on the “Quick Access Toolbar” key.

4- In the Excel Options menu, on the right window, Choose “All Commands”.

5- Find “Form…” command and click on the Add key.

6- Click Ok.



Now you can see the Form button on the left upside of the windows.

If you have more than 32 columns in your data set, you will have problems for creating a form, For solving this problem you can follow these steps;

too many field

  • If you changed your data set into the table, you should convert it to the data set again.

covert table

  • Divide your data set into two or three different sections each section should have less than 32 columns.

  • Click on each section.

  • Click on the Form key.

  • Enter your desired data in your form.

form sheet

form sheet2

How to Add a New Row of Data;

  • Make sure your active cell is placed inside the table.

  • On the left upper side, click on the Form button.

Now you can see the Form dialogue in your screen.

For adding a new row in your data set

  • Click on the “New” key.

  • Fill the form.

  • For moving to the next field click on the “Tab” key.

  • For moving to the previous field click on the “Shift + Tab” key.

  • For saving your data and moving to the Next row click on the “Enter” key.


add data

If we have a formula in our data set we can only see the result of that in our form and we can not change the formula by using the data form.


How to Find a Row in the Form;

Find a Row by Navigating;

You can find a row in your table by using “Find Prev” and “Find Next” or by moving the scroll.

change row

Find a Row by Using Criteria;

You can use criteria key for filtering the data in order to find them easier.

1- Click on the Criteria.

2- Write your desired filter in the form.

3- Click on “Find Prev” and “Find Next” key to move in the table or you can use the scroll key to move in the table.


Here are some wildcard characters which you can use in order to find your desired content in your table.

find creteria

How to Change Data in a Row;

1- Go to your desired row.

2- Change your desired data.

3- Click on the Enter key.

change data

How to Delete Data in a Row;

Here we want to delete “Room 106”.

1- Go to your desired row.

2- Click on the Delete key.

3- Click ok.

4- Now you can see that row was deleted.

delete rows

How to Restore Data in the Form;

1- Click on the form.

2- Change your desired data.

3- Click on the Restore key.


How to Print a Data Form;

when you are using the form you can not use Print command in the excel for printing the form you should use “Print Screen Key” in your keyboard and then open it in the programs like Microsoft Paint and then Print that Picture.

1- Take a screenshot from your screen.


2- Go to the folder on your computer which your screenshots are saved.


3- Right-click on the picture and open it with your desired program, here we chose Paint program.

open paint

4- Click on the File tab.


5- Click on the Print key and print your picture.

paint print

How to Close Data Form;

After you enter all data which you need into the table you can click on the Close key to close the form.


excel form