How to Create PivotChart and Slicer in PivotTable

Jul 20, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

Here we have a data set and we want to explain how to create weekday name in your data set, how to create table and PivotTable and slicer and how to connect two PivotTable with one slicer and also how to create a chart.

How to Get Weekday Name From Your Data Set in Excel.

1- We must first realize that our dates are located in which days of the week.

For that we can use from this formula;


here B3 is the address of the cell which our date is located on it.

2- For changing this digit to the name of days we should follow these steps;

  • Right-click on the cell.

  • Select Format cell.


  • In the categories part select “Custom”.

  • In the type part write “dddd”.

  • Click Ok.

  • Specify this Formula to other cells of the column.


Before Creating you PivotTable it is better to put your data set in the table, for that you should follow these steps;

How to Create a Table in Excel.

1- Click on the Insert tab.

2- Click Table.

3- Click on the Arrow.

4- Select the range of your table.

5- Click Ok.

create table

For creating PivotTable you should follow these steps;

How to Create a PivotTable in Excel.

1- Click on the Insert tab.

2- Click on the PivotTable or you can use Alt+N+V shortcut.

3- Click on the arrow and select the range of your PivotTabel.

pivottable range

4- For specifying the location of the pivot table, in the Location part, click on the Arrow and specify the location of your PivotTable for that.

Here, we want to place our PivotTabel near our table, because of that, we selected “existing worksheet”.

location pivottable

5- Click ok.


How to Create a Slicer for Your PivotTable in Excel.

1- Select Your PivotTabel.

2- Select the Analyze tab.

3- In the Filter part, select the “Insert Slicer”.

4- Choose your desired item, Here we chose “Year” and click Ok.

insert slicer

How to Connect the PivotTable to the Slicer in Excel.

1- Choose the PivotTable which not connected to the slicer.

2- Click on the Analyze tab.

3- In the Filter Part, Click on the “Filter Connections”.

4- Select Years and click on Ok.

5- Now the both PivotTables are connected to each other.

connect slicer

How to Create a PivotChart in Excel.

Before Create Chart, you need to have a PivotTable. so after creating a PivotTable for your table follow these steps;

1- Select the PivotTabel.

2- In the “Analyze” tab select the “PivotChart”.

3- Choose your desired chart and click ok.

create chart

How to Create an Interactive PivotChart in Excel.

For creating an interactive chart you need slicer for that you should follow these steps;

1- Select your PivotTabel or PivotChart.

2- Click on the “Analyze”.

3- Choose “Insert Slicer”.


4- Click on your desired filter here we chose “Date”.

slicer section

5- Now you can see, by clicking on the slicer items, the data of the PivotTable and pivot chart will be changed.


excel pivottable