How to Create a Custom Sort Order in Pivot Table

Jul 14, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

By default, Excel sorts table items alphabetically. If you want to have your desired sort, you can follow the steps below.

1- Click on the filter key and choose “More Sort Options…”.

2- In the “Sort Options” part choose “Manual”.

By that, you have permission to drag items and rearrange them in the table.

3- Click “Ok”.

sort product description

4- Rearrange the items in the column as you want.

For that, you should hold them and drag them to your desired place.


5- Click on the File tab.

6- Choose Options.

7- In the right side of the dialogue choose “Advanced”.

8- In the General part choose “Edit Custom Lists”.

9- In the Custom, Lists dialogue select the arrow.


10- Select your desired arrangement.

11- Select the arrow.

12- Click on the “Import” key.

13- Click Ok.


14- Right-click on the table.

15- Choose “PivotTableOptions…”.

16- In the “Table & Filters” tab go to the Sorting part and select “Use Custom Lists When sorting” box.

17- Click Ok.


Now you can see your desired arrangement in the table.

custom list

excel pivottable