How to Blackout Tuesday Facebook

Jun 7, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Before I start explaining this, I’m going to take a brief look at the reasons why have people been changing their profile picture to black, or posting black squares in their social media. This campaign has been started by two Atlantic senior directors of marketing Brianna Agyemang and Jamila Thomas.

This campaign is a reaction to what they describe as “the long-standing racism and inequality that exist from the boardroom to the boulevard” and started after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Their slogan was #TheShowMustBePaused in their social media. after that, a lot of record companies like Warner Music Group, Sony/Atv, Apple Music, etc have joined this campaign.

Here we are going to explain

How to Post Black Square on Facebook.

1- Open your Facebook App.

2- Click on “what is on your mind”.


3- Click on the square which you can write your idea.

4- Here you can specify your desired colour for the background of your text. In the right side click on the square with 9 dots on it. post

5- Scroll down and click on the black square.

6- After the background colour was changed write your desired text there. here we are going to write Blackout Tuesday slogan there.

send post

7- Write the slogan.

8- At the top right corner of the screen click on the Post key.


9- Now that post was published on your Facebook.

How to Blackout Profile Picture on Facebook.

1- Go to your Facebook application.

2- At the top left corner of the screen click on your picture.

facebook pic

3- Click on the Camera.

4- Click on the “Select Profile Picture”.

5- At the top left corner of the screen click on the camera.


6- The easiest way for having a dark screen is covering the camera of your cellphone and taking a picture.

7- At the top right corner of the screen click on the Save.

8- Now your profile picture was changed to black.