How to Turn off Comments on Facebook Post

May 29, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

If you want to use Facebook’s capabilities to restrict comments under your posts, you should note that Facebook only allows this in groups. In other places, you have to hide your post from strangers, but Facebook allows you to filter out sentences that contain specific words in the comment, as well as limit comments from specific countries. We will explain these in the following.

How to Turn off Comments on Facebook Post;

How to Turn off Comments in Group on Facebook.

1- Go to your facebook page.

2- Go to your Groups.


3- Go to your desired group.

4- Click on Discussion.

group page

5- Click on …

6- Turn off commenting.

7- After refreshing your page you can see the Comment will be turned off. block comment

How to Turn off Comments for Public on Facebook.

If you want to limit commenting on your page, you can only hide your post from others.

1- Go to your Facebook account.

2- Go to setting.


3- Click on Public posts.

4- In Public Profile info click on Edit.

public post

5- Choose Friends.

public profile

6- In Public Post Comments part click on Edit and choose friends.

Now only you let your friends to read all of your post, so other people can not send their comments on your post because they can not see your posts.

public comments

How to Hide Your Post From All of Viewers.

1- Go to your page.

2- Upload your desired picture and write your desired texts.

3- In the “How should see this post” part, choose “Only me”.


4- Click on Post key and send it to your page.

5- If you click on the key near the date you can see “Only me” option was chosen.


Nobody can see this post except you, so nobody can comment on your post and also nobody can share it.

How to Control the Content of Posts in Your Page.

You can control the content of other people’s posts, and if those posts contain specific words, you can automatically delete those posts.

1- Go to your page.

2- Click on Settings.

setting page

3- In Page moderation part click on Edit.

4- Add your desired subjects to restrict them from the comments.

5- Click on Add.

6- Click on Save Changes.

save change save

How to Restrict Comments from Specific Countries.

If you want to restrict the comments of people from specific countries you can follow these steps;

1- In the country restrictions part click on Edit.

2- Enter your desired countries which you want to add them into the restricted list.

3- Click on Save Changes.