How to Add Admin to Facebook Page

Jun 1, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Sometimes you are so busy and can not manage your business page of your Facebook, so for that, you need some person to help you or recruit a person to manage your page, for that you need to add admin for your page.

Here we are going to explain that.

How to Add Admin to Facebook Page on Desktop;

1- Go to your Facebook account.

2- Click on the Arrow, at the top right corner of the screen.

3- Click on your desired page and enter it.

Facebook page

4- Click on Settings.

5- On the left-hand side, clicks on “Page Roles”.

setting desktop

6- In the “Assign a new Page role” part, write the name of your desired person as admin of your page and choose that person.

7- Click on Add.

8- Facebook will then ask you for your password.

add admin

9- Enter your password and click on Summit.

10- Now you have to wait for your friend’s answer to your request.

friend page

11- For that, he should click on the Bell and click on your request and after that, he should click on accept the key.


12- when your request was accepted you can see your friend profile near your name as admin.

approved admin

How to Add Admin to Facebook Page on Android;

1- Go to your Facebook app.

2- Click on the top icon featuring three horizontal lines on the far right side of the menu along the bottom of the screen.

setting app

3- Click on Pages.

4- Click on “…More”.


5- Click on Settings.

6- Click on Page roles.

7- Click on Add Person to Page.

8- Enter your Password.

page role

9- choose your friend.

10- Here you can choose the role of your friend on the page.

11- Click on Add.

add mob

12- Ask your friend to accept your request to follow these steps.

  • Click on the bell.

  • Choose your request.

  • Accept your request.

accept admin

13- Now you can see the profile of your friend near your profile picture.

admin group