How to Post Facebook Avatar

May 23, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

There are different ways of posting avatar. Here I am going to explain two methods for sending them.

How to Post Facebook Avatar;

1- Open your Facebook application. facebook

2- Click on the Settings, at the top right corner of the screen. setting

3- Click on “See More”. see more

4- Click on Avatar. avatar

5- Click on Stickers buttom. avatars

6- Choose your desired sticker. choose sticker

7- Here you have two options,

  • Send your sticker to messenger

  • Send your sticker to other applications

Here I am going to send this avatar to Whatsup application.

So I will click on More option.


8- Choose your desired application. whatsup

9- Choose the person who will receive your sticker. ch whtsup

10- Send your sticker. send m

How to Post Facebook Avatar in comment;

1- Click on the comment below the post where you want to send your sticker. comment

2- click on Avatar icon.

3- Choose your desired avatar.

4- Post your avatar for your friend.

send a