How to Start a Facebook Watch Party

May 23, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

Sometimes you want to have an online gathering on Facebook with friends and watch a movie or you want to share a movie between your friends on Facebook and watch it together and after that know their comments. you can have this kind of gathering with Facebook application too. Here we are going to explain it.

How to Make a Watch Party on Facebook.

1- Go to your Facebook page.

2- In your post part click on “…”. setting

3- Click on watch party option. watch party

4- Choose your desired video. choose your video

5- Choose your guests in this virtual party,

Here you have different options which those will be explained here;

choose viewer

  • Public: Everybody can watch this movie

  • Friends: Only your friends can participate in your party.

  • Friends except: you can omit some of your friends from this party.

  • Only me: Nobody can watch this movie except you.

  • Specific friends: You can choose some of your friends and invite them to this party.

6- Now you can post your movie and start your party. post start watch party

7- During the movie your friends and you can send emoji and express their feeling. reaction facebook

8- They can also send their comments and share their ideas in the chat box. comment facebook

How to End a Watch Party on Facebook;

If you want to finish this party you can easily

  • click on three dot on the up side of screen.

  • Click on “End watch party”.

end watch party