How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel

Jun 13, 2020 · 4 minute read

There are different methods for inserting checkmark in Excel file.

Here we are going to explain some of them.

How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel with Copy and Paste.

1- From other program or website find checkmark symbol and copy it.

2- Go to your Excel file and right-click on the cell and paste it or click on the cell and press Ctrl+V.

3- You can also in the Font part, change the size or color of it.

copy paste checkmark

How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel with Shortcut Key.

1- Go to the cell and press “Shift+p” for checkmark and for crossmark you can press “Shift+o”.

2- Select the cells.

3- In the Font part, click on the font name and change the name of font to Wingdings2.

4- After changing the name, you will have “✓” and “X” in the cells.


How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel with Formula

First method.

There are four different kind of checkmarks, for each of them there is specific code.


1- Go to your desired cell which you want to place the checkmark.

2- Write your desired command for instance “=CHAR(252)”.

3- Press Enter.

4- select the cell and go to the Font part and change the font name to Wingdings.

5- You can see your desired checkmark will be appear.


Second Method.

Sometimes you want to place “✓” in front of the numbers in the column, for instance here we are going to place checkmark in front of the numbers which they are higher than 72 and for the numbers less than 72 we want to place “X”.

You can do that by following these steps;

1- Write this formula in front of the cell.

“=If(A)>72,CHAR(252),CHAR(251))” and press Enter.

Note that instead of “A” you must enter your cell number, for instance, here our cell address is “B3”.

2- Go to the home section and change the font name to Wingdings in the Font section.

3- Assign the properties of this cell to other cells,

You can easily do this by selecting this cell and holding down the bottom corner of the cell and dragging it to the in front of the last number of the column.

formula excel sheet

How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel with Conditional Formatting.

1- Select and copy the numbers of the column.

2- Paste the numbers near the previous column.

3- Select the numbers of the new column.


4- Click on the Home tab.

5- Click on the Conditional Formatting.

6- Click on the New Rule.

7- Click on the Format Style.

conditional formatting

8- Choose Icon Sets.

9- Check “Show icon only”.

10- Click on Icon Style and choose your desired sign.

format style

11- In the Type part choose Number.

12- In the Value part, Enter your desired number. Here we are going to specify number 72.

13- In the Icon part change the second part to “X”.

14- Click on Ok.

15- YOu can see your selected numbers were converted to “✓” or “X”.


How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel in Symbol Part.

1- Select the cell which you want to insert your desired symbol.

2- Click on the Insert tab.

3- Click on the Symbol dropdown and choose symbol.


4- Select Symbols tab.

5- In the Font part choose “Segoe UI Symbol”.

6- Find and select your desired checkmark.

7- Click Insert.

add symbol

How to Insert a Checkmark in Excel with Auto Correction.

1- Open the excel file and click on the File.

2- Choose option.

3- Click on Proofing.

excel option

4- From the website or one of the files in your computer find your desired checkmark and copy it.

5- Click on the AutoCorrect Option.

6- Write your desired shortcut for the sign in the Replace tab, here we specify “cmark” for this sign.

7- In the With part, Paste the sign “✓”.

8- Click the Add key.

9- Click Ok.


10- Click Ok.

11- Click on your desired cell which you want to insert the “✓” sign.

Write your shortcut for the sign, Here we should write “cmark”.

12- Press Enter, Now you can see “cmark” was converted to “✓”.

enter checkmark

excel checkmark