How to Lock Cells in Excel

Jun 12, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

sometimes you want to protect only some cells in your excel file and allow user changes the values in specific cells, here we are going to explain this subject.

How to Unprotect Cells.

First, you should select the cells which you want to unprotect them. Here because we want to unprotect all cells which contain numbers, we use from this trick and select all of them by these steps.

1- Go to Home tab.


2- Click on Find and Search.

3- Click on Go To Special…


4- Click on Constants.

5- Only keep Numbers and uncheck other items.

go to dialoge

6- Click on Home tab.

7- Click on the Arrow on the Alignment part.

home excel

8- In the Format cells menu, go to Protection tab and uncheck Locked.


How to Password Protect the Excel File.

Now you should protect your file, by that you do not allow anybody to change the values of cells except unprotected cells.

9- Click on Review tab.

10- Click on Protect Sheet.

protect sheet

11- Enter the password.

12- Confirm your Password.

confirm pass

excel cells