How to Create a Group of Contacts in Gmail

Dec 9, 2020 ยท 6 minute read

If you work for a company and need to send lots of emails every day to specific people you maybe search for a method to setting up a group email in gmail to give you this capability to send a specific message for different persons at the same time.

You can use from Microsoft Word program to create a recipient list and send your message to those people simultaneously. we explained this subject in the how to create recipient list in word and how to edit recipient list pages, you can go and follow this subject there but here we are going to explain how to create recipient list in Gmail.

By creating the group in Gmail you can help yourself to save your time and send a unique mail to the lots of people, but pay attention that when you use this method the people in the group can see and have the email of each other.

How to Make an Email Group in Gmail

1- Go to the and check if you logged into your Gmail account or not, for that you should see your Gmail account at the top right corner to make sure you are logged in.

sign in gmail

2- Click on the Google app launcher and find Contact and go to the Gmail contact. If you use from this command frequently you can move it to top of the list by dragging it.

drop and drag contact gmail

3- Before creating a recipient list you should enter your desired addresses into your account, for that you should follow one of these methods;

Create Account One by One

  • Click on the Create contact.

  • Click on the “Create a contact”.

  • Insert the information about the person who will receive the email like name and last name and email and etc and click on the “Save” key.

create contact gmail

Create Multiple Contacts

  • Click on the Create contact.

  • Click on the “Create multiple contacts”.

For adding multiple contacts you can add the emails one by one and place a comma between the emails or you can insert them from word or excel program, we will explain how to use excel and word to inset your contacts in the following text.

Insert from Word

  • You can write all of the emails in the Word program and copy them and paste it here.


Pay attention to this point that you must place “,” between the Emails.

  • Click on the Create.

  • You can see the Emails in your contact list.

create multiple contacts gmail

Insert From Excel

  • Open the excel file and write your desired Emails in the excel file.

  • Click on the File.

  • Click on the Export.

  • Click on the “Change File Type”.

  • Choose “CSV(Comma delimited).

  • Click on the “Save as”.

  • Choose your desired name for your file.

  • Click on the Save.

save csv excel

  • Click on the Import.

  • Click on the “Select file”.

  • Choose your excel file and click on “Open”.

  • Click on “Import”.

import contact excel


It is important to pay attention to these points if you want to add some more information to your contact list beside email address:

1- You should write Title of your contacts in the first row of the excel table.

row title excel

2- If you want to add the name into your contact list, you should write the names before emails in the first column of the excel sheet.

3- In the second column write the Email addresses.

name email excel

4- Each information which you insert in other columns will be added in the Notes section of contact information.

note gmail contact

Setting Up a Group Email in Gmail

1- Create your group by clicking on the “Create label” and specify your desired name for your list.

For adding contacts into your recipient list you can follow these steps;

How Do I Add a Contact to a Group in Gmail

  • Choose your desired contact that you want to add it to your group.

  • Click on the “More option” and choose your desired group for your contact.

create list contact gmail

How to Add Contacts to a Group in Gmail

  • You can also select the contacts which you want to add them to your recipient list.

  • Click on the Label.

  • Choose your desired group.

add contacts groups

How to Send an Email for a Group of People

Now you can send your desired emails and message to all the members of your group at the same time and you do not need to send your message to each person in your group one by one.

For sending the emails you should follow these steps;

  • Click on the “Google app launcher” and Click on Gmail.

  • Click on the Compose key.

  • In the “Send to” part you can write the name of the group after that all the contacts in the group will be added into your list.

  • Write your desired text in your email and send it for your group.

send email to group


  • Pay attention to this point that if you have free Gmail account you can only send 500 emails every day.

  • Pay attention to this point that when you send Email to the people of your group all members of this group can see who else received this message too.

How to Edit Recipient List in Gmail

For editing the contact list you should follow these steps;

  • Choose your desired contact.

  • Click on the “Edit contact” command on the right side of the dialogue box.

  • Insert your desired information in the contact form or edit the pieces of information which were added before.

  • If You want to add more specific information you can click on the “Show more” key and insert your desired info there.

  • Click on the Save.

edit account gmail account

How to Delete Contact.

For deleting contact you can

  • Select your desired contact which you want to delete it.

  • Click on the “More option”.

  • Choose Delete command.

delete account gmail list

How to Edit Group.

Change Display Density

For changing the display density in the group you should follow these steps;

1- Click on the More option.

2- Click on the Display density/

3- Choose your desired form.

4- Click on the Done.

display density dialoge group contact

Change Column Order

In the contact list some columns are hidden and you can see only four first columns in the screen, for changing the position of the columns you can follow these steps;

In this example, we want to change the position of the “job title and company” and place it in the third column in the contact list.

1- Click on the More option.

2- Click on the “Change column order”.

3- Click on the blue Parallel line and drag it and place “job title and company” in the third row.

4- Click on the “Done”.

change column order Gmail contact group


For changing the name of the group you can click on the Rename command and specify your desired name for it.

rename contact group gmail

Add Contacts

For adding more contact into your group you should:

  • select your desired contact.

  • Click on the Label.

  • choose your desired group

  • Click on Apply.

add contact group gmail

Delete Contacts

For deleting the contacts in the group

  • Select it.

  • Click on the More Command.

  • Click on the Delete.

delete contact gmail

Delete Group

For deleting group you can:

  • Click on delete label.

  • Click on the Delete Group.

delete group gmail


When you run a command, Gmail gives you some seconds to cancel your command, if you run a wrong command, you can click on the “Undo” and cancel your command.

undo gmail contact

gmail recipient list