How to Create a Newsletter Column in Word

Oct 12, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For creating newsletter columns in your document you can use different methods, sometimes you need to create the same columns for the whole document and also sometimes you need create columns for part of your document or create diferent types of columns in your document.

Here we are going to explain how to create newsletter columns in the whole document.

How to Create Newsletter Columns in Word

If you want to create newsletter columns for the whole text you can follow one of these methods;

How to Create Newsletter-Style Columns in Word

Word program recommends some preset style for your text you can easily use them and create newsletter columns for your text.

For that you should follow these steps;

1- Click on the Layout tab.

2- Click on Columns.

3- Choose your desired preset column for your document.

whole doc column word

How to Create Custom Newsletter-Style Columns in Word

If the preset columns do not work for you and you want to create columns with your desired setting you can follow these steps;

1- Click on the Layout tab.

2- Click on Columns.

3- Click More Columns…

In the Columns dialogue in the Preset section, you have some options and you can choose them but if you need columns with other settings like more than three columns in your page or have lines between columns or creating columns with different width and spacing between them you can follow these steps;

4- In the “Number of columns” part you can specify the number of columns which you need to have in your page.

5- Because you need to have these settings for the whole document you should go to the “Apply to” part and choose “Whole Document” option.

6- Click on Ok.

custom column word

How to Create Unequal Columns in word

7- If you do not want to have equal columns width in your document you can deselect “Equal column width” box and specify your desired width and spacing for the columns in your document.

equal column width columns dialoge word

How to Add Lines Between Columns in Word

8- If you want to add a line between columns you can select the “Line between” box.

line between column columns dialoge word

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