How to Rotate a Picture in Word

Oct 10, 2020 ยท 1 minute read

How to Rotate Manually a Picture in Word

1- Click on the Picture in your document.

2- Select the rotation handle.

3- drag it to rotate the picture.

rotate wordart word

How to Rotate the Picture Specific Amount;

1- Click on the Picture in your document.

2- Click on the Format tab.

3- In the Arrange part, click on the Rotate Objects command.

4- Click on the More Rotation Options…

5- In the Layout dialoge, click on the Size tab.

6- In the Height and Width part, you can choose the fix size for picture by choosing Absolute option or you can choose Relative option and Word program resize the picture automatically.

7- In the Rotate part, you can choose your desired degree.

8- Click Ok.

rotate wordart text word

You can Flip the picture by selecting Flip horizontaly or verticaly.

flip vertical wordart word

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