How to Add Border to Page in Word

Oct 22, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For creating border for your document, you should follow these steps;

How to Add Border to Page in Word

1- Click on Design tab.

2- In the “Page Background” part, choose “Page Borders”.

3- In the Setting part, there are some preset options which you can choose one of them.

4- In the Style part, you can choose your desired style for the line of your borders.

word border shading dialoge border

5- In the “Color” part, you can change the color of the lines in your border.

6- In the Width part, you can modify the thickness of your line.

7- In the Art part, you can find different shapes for the border of your document.

border shading dialoge color width art border word

8- In the Apply to part you can specify this border for all pages of your document or part of your document.


If you want to specify differnt border for each chapter of your document, you should define section for each chapter and then specify your desired border for each chapter. we explained this subject at the end of this part.

border shading dialoge apply to art border word

9- Press Ok.

apply border word

How to Define Margins for Borders.

  • In the Border and shading dialoge click on Option.

  • In the Margin section, you can choose your desired margin for your border.

  • In the “Measure from” part you can define that;

Text: you want to have these margins from text.


Edge of Page: you want this margin from edge of the page.

  • Click Ok.

word border shading dialoge option distance border word

add border in word

How to Create Section in Word

For creating section in your word document, you should follow these steps;

1- In order to see paragraph mark in your document

  • Click on Home tab.

  • In Paragraphs part, select the Paragraph sign.

home paragraph word

2- Place your cursor at the end of the chapter one.

3- Click on the Layout tab.

4- Click on the Breaks.

5- Choose “Next Page”.

Now you can see “Section Break” mark at the end of the chapter one.

section break page

6- Place the cursor in the chapter one section.

7- Click on the Design tab.

8- Click on Page Borders.

9- Choose your desired border for your document.

10- In the “Apply to” part, choose “This section”.

11- Click Ok.

border section word

12- Repeat steps 6 to 11 for other sections.

word doc with two borders

word border