What Is Microsoft Delve

Dec 1, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

What is the Microsoft Office Delve?

If you like to find the documents you need for your job as soon as possible the Microsoft Office Delve is highly recommended. Delve is a search engine that browses for the documents you need and it is supported by the Office Graph. Delve is a search engine which is superior to OneDrine, email, Sharepoint online and Yammer. You can use Delve to find people and the documents they are working on and it is a great option for collaborating and you can mark the documents and organize them. You can get in touch with the document world.

How to use Delve?

There are some steps to learn how to start using the Microsoft Office Delve:

  1. By typing http://office.com/signin or https://admin.microsoft.com in your address bar you can sign in to your Delve account.

  2. Select the app icon on the top of Microsoft 365 home page.

To help others to find you and keep in touch with you, you must update your profile and write a short biography or upload a photo of yourself. To keep in touch with other people it is necessary to put your contact information and introduce the documents you are working on.

office delve

  1. To update your profile, select Update your profile and complete the required information in the About me box and introduce the projects you finished. Then complete the skills part. Then save the changes you have made.

To find the documents you need and to share your findings with others in Delve. You need to open the home page which shows the stored documents in OneDrive or Sharepoint. These documents can vary from PDF files to site contents and images.

To find other people and their projects they are working on you can search it on the top of the left pane and select his name and go through his profile and find his contact information. The Delve will show you, he is online or not.

  1. To review the documents you’ve made or changed lately in the Delve select the document. You can see all the documents by clicking on See all. You can also filter them based on your need. Moreover you can put some documents on your favorites list by clicking on the lower left corner icon.

  2. To let the others see what you are working on select on More options, Who can see this? And then select the Share option and write their name or email address and send.

  3. To add documents to your board, select Manage boards icon and type the name of the board. You can also create a new board and name it. Other people will see the documents on your board.

  4. To find a board you can type the name of the board in the search box on the top.

If you are a commuter and you need the Delve documents wherever you go you can get the mobile app and sign into your account at any time, anywhere.