How to Set up Skype for Business

Dec 20, 2020 · 4 minute read

To keep your Skype for Business available for a long time you can close the main window on the top right corner of your screen, but the Skype for Business is still there and you can bring it back by searching Skype for Business again. You can also pin the app icon to your taskbar.

How to Set Presence Options in skype?

If you want to set your state and see other people’s state you need to set your presence.

  1. To set your presence manually you can choose one of the presence states. These states include: Available, Busy, Away, offline or Do Not Disturb.

  2. If your coworkers are not present in the office, there is a purple dot in front of their names which means that they are Out of Office.

  3. When your contacts are out of access, you can still send them messages and they will receive your messages when they get online on Skype for Business.

How to Set up Audio and Video in Skype for Business?

One of the communication features in Skype for Business is the possibility of calling your colleagues or other people out of your organization, which you do not need a separate hardware device next to your system, also through a simple webcam on the system. You can easily enjoy a video call.

To set audio and video settings you need to follow these steps to hear your contacts and see them in your calls.

To Set up Audio

  1. Tap on the Select Primary Device option.

  2. Choose Audio Device Settings and select the audio device you have.

  3. To test the audio, select the Play icon.

set up audio in skype for bussines

To Set up Video

  1. Tap the Video Device icon and select the camera you have.

  2. To set light and color adjustment, select Camera Settings.

  3. Then click OK.

  4. To make video calls, click on the Video Call icon from the contact’s photo.

How to Add or Change Your Photo in Skype for Business

To add your profile picture to your Skype for Business account and to change it

  1. Select your profile picture or the avatar if you didn’t set any, and then open the Option in Skype for Business page.

  2. Select Edit or Remove picture option. Some organizations do not let the members edit or remove their profile picture and this option will be turned off. So you need to consult your head master to allow you to edit or remove your profile picture.

  3. To upload your picture in your account, enter your account page in Microsoft 365 and select the Upload photo link then find your photo in your gallery and upload it

  4. Next, after selecting your photo, tap on Save.

set up video in skype for bussines

How to Hide Photo in Skype for Business

If you intend to hide your photo

  1. Select Hide my picture option.

  2. Click OK.

To Hide Other People Photo

  1. Select your profile photo in the main page.

  2. Click Personal.

  3. In the Show pictures list, uncheck Show Pictures of contacts.

  4. Select OK.

hide your pic skype for bussines

How to Set up Skype for Business Meeting?

One of the most powerful software that provides many facilities for its users for video, voice, chat and data transfer at the same time is a product of Microsoft called Skype for Business. You can set up an online meeting with up to 250 people via Skype for Business. Even if the people you want to meet online do not have Skype for Business, you invite them to the meeting using a specific link.

Skype for Business is protected by authentication and encryption methods, and provides the security needed to establish and archive private communications.

As a manager you can establish an online meeting beforehand.

How to Schedule a Meeting in Skype for Business

  1. Select New Skype Meeting in your Outlook calendar.

  2. Add the participants then select the time and date of the meeting and type a subject for your meeting and its agenda.

  3. To make sure that everyone is available, check the Scheduling Assistant option.

To prepare the attachment beforehand, preload the documents

  1. Find the Insert tab and click on Attach File

  2. Choose the file you wanted to add.

  3. To check the member’s permissions you ought to select Meeting Options in the Outlook ribbon.

  4. Choose A new meeting space to determine the meeting permissions.

  5. Tap send.

set up online meeting skype for bussines

If you do not have a prior arrangement for meetings

  1. Select Meetings tab in the app

  2. Select Meet Now option

  3. Click OK after inviting the people

One of the best features that Skype for Business software gives you is the ability to share users' desktop pages.

attachment in skype for bussines

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