How to Make Margaritas

May 6, 2020 ยท 3 minute read

We have two types of margaritas:

1- Classic Margarita

2- Frozen margarita

How to Make a Classic Margarita at Home

To make a classic Margarita, you need to follow these steps.


1- You need a shaker for mixing ingredients.


2- Tequila:

For making a good Margarita you need tequila with one hundred percent blue agave.

Here we can recomand Reposado tequila,

it has a little bit more flavour, Reposado tequila has been aged in an oak barrel for two to twelve months and also has a little bit smokier flavour mellows.


3- Cointreau or Orange liqueur or any high quality orange but do not use the mix.


4- Fresh lime juice.

fresh lime

5- Agave nectar

agave nectar

How to Prepare

1- Add 2 ounces of Reposado tequila.

pay attention Tequila is almost half of the drink so If you want to have a good drink use a high-quality tequila.

2- Add 3/4 of an ounce of Cointreau.

3- Add 3/4 ounce of fresh lemon juice.

The fresher the lemon is better.

4- Add Agave nectar.

add a little bit of agave nectar, you could also use simple syrup, I think that it just rounds out the sharpness of the Cointreau a little bit.

5- If you want to make your Margarita a little bit sweeter, you can add a little more agave and a little more cointreau.

6- Add some ice in the Shaker and because you have lime juice in your mixture, you need definitely mix them together. close the shaker door and shake all ingredients to completely mix them together.

shake it

7- Now you can serve your margarita, the last thing which you should pay attention to that is using a big slice of ice to keep your drink cold.

How to Make Frozen Margaritas;

For making frozen margarita you should follow these steps;

Here we want to prepare margarita for two-person so you should pay attention these ingredients are enough for two shuts.

1- At first you need blender to mix ingredients.


2-We need two fresh lime, Cutting off the peel of the lime peel lime

3- Add them into blender.

add lime

3- Tequila;

we use Repisado for this margarita, we should add 4 ounces of the tequila.


4- Cointreau;

Add two ounces of the cointreau

cointreau 2oz

5- One ounce of Agave syrup to sweeten it up a little.


6- Add 3 cups of ice


7- Blend it up

blend them

8- After ingredients were blended and smooth, you can serve your drink.

frozen margarita

9- Garnish your glass with lime.


For getting some trick about How to Rim a Glass check this page too.

drink margarita