How to Copy and Paste a Comment on Instagram

Jun 8, 2020 ยท 2 minute read

For copy and paste the comments on instagram there are two ways. first method is used for copy and paste comment on instagram is useful only for the first comment or caption of post but when you click on See more you can not use this method but the merit of it is you do not need any extra application. For second method you should install a OCR application and use from it.

Here we are going to explain both of them.

How to Copy and Paste a Comment on Instagram.

By this method you can copy and paste a comment without any extra application.

How to Copy and Paste a Comment on Instagram Without any Application.

1- Go to your Instagram app.

2- Go to your desired post.

3- At the top right corner of the screen click on the three horizontal dots.

4- Click on Copy link.

copy link

5- Open the browser in your cellphone.

6- Paste the link which it was coppied before.


7- Now you can see that post on Instagram on your browser.

8- You can copy the comment here, but pay attention when you click on “See more”, This feature will be disabled.

copy text

9- Go to Instagram or other application which you want to paste the text which you have copied before.

10- Paste the text.

11- Click on the Post.

paste text

How to Copy and Paste a Comment on Instagram With Extra Application.

There are different OCR applications which you can use them for copy and paste comment here we are going to use Universal Copy App.

1- Go to Google Play and download Universal Copy application.

2- Open it.

universal copy

3- Enable the application.

4- Click on Open Setting.

5- Click on Universal Copy.

universal copy on

6- Turn on Universal Copy.


7- Go to Instagram app.

8- Go to your desired post.

  1. Click at the top of the page and place your finger on it and drag it down, click on Universal Copy.


10- click on the comment which you want to copy it.

11- The program will capture the photo and change them to the text.

normal mode

12- Select the part of the text which you want to copy it.

13- Click on the copy key.


Here you can find a video that explains this well.,+08-Jun-2020+14:57:03+GMT